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Kölner Instacoll


Kölner Instacoll products are used for producing a BRIGHT gold, silver or palladium gilded surface. The heart of the process is Instacoll Base, which is available in yellow or clear. Because the leaf will look like it has been burnished with an agate burnishing tool, some customers call Instacoll a “Liquid Burnisher”.


Instacoll Base is formulated for gold and silver leaf. Instacoll Base HA is formulated for heavier gold leaf and palladium. For imitation leaf, consider using Kolner Permacoll HA.


After the Instacoll Base has set, Instacoll Activator is used to activate the base. The activator can be used to activate the base for up to several months after it has been applied allowing you to complete your gilding project at a later time. The Instacoll Tool is used for pressing transfer leaf in to crevices or tight areas. Kolner Tissues can be used to push the gold leaf down into the base size and also to gently polish the gold leaf when finished. More information about the process can be found here. A Kölner Products video with instructions can be found here.