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What Is Imitation Gold and Silver Leaf


Leaf Size Comparison

Imitation Gold Leaf is made from copper and zinc and is frequently referred to Dutch Metal leaf, metal Leaf, and brass leaf.  Imitation gold leaf is much thicker than genuine gold leaf, and can be gently handled with clean, dry, and oil-free, hands.  Imitation leaf is frequently used for gilding ceilings and walls, since its color is similar to real 23k gold leaf, and it is substantially less expensive than real gold.  Imitation gold leaf will slowly tarnish, and should be sealed to prevent oxidation.


Imitation Silver Leafis made of aluminum, and is essentially thin aluminum foil.  It is very similar in appearance to genuine silver leaf, but easier to handle than real silver, and is less expensive.  Imitation silver leaf will slowly tarnish and lose its luster if not sealed against oxidation.


Both imitation gold and silver are available in loose and transfer leaf, and also available in rolls.  The leaves are generally 6-1/4” square and are packaged in books of 25 leaves. Rolls are made in widths from 1/4" to 6" wide, and 50 meters (about 164 feet) long.


Variegated Leaf is a type of imitation gold leaf which is exposed to heat and chemicals to produce a leaf with blue and reddish patterns and highlights.  Each leaf is slightly different.  Variegated leaf can be used for any number of projects which require color highlights.  Just like non-variegated imitation leaf, is much thicker than genuine gold or silver leaf, and can be gently handled with clean, dry and oil-free hands.  It must also be sealed against oxidation.


Variegated leaf is available in loose leaves that are 5-1/2” square and are packaged in books of 25 leaves or packs of 500 leaves.