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How Our Gold Leaf Is Made

A Proprietary Process for Making Higher Quality Gold Leaf

The method of producing gold leaf is universal, having remained basically the same everywhere over thousands of years.  The key differences are in the materials that are used, the beating process and the number of times the gold is beaten. 


Our gold leaf is manufactured with specially designed beating machines and a unique, new type of carbon-fiber black paper.  Our longer preparation and beating times produce an even thickness from sheet to sheet, with almost no defects – plus a brightness that no one else can offer.


Below is a quick overview of how gold leaf is made:

Gold Factory
Craftsmen:Over 200 highly trained workers are committed to producing the finest gold leaf possible.  Throughout production, each craftsman continuously examines every sample for quality.  Our on-site agent performs additional quality control checks ensuring that only the finest gold leaf gets to you.

Alloying Gold
Alloying:Our pure gold is melted, and small amounts of silver and copper are added to produce the purity and color required – silver for a lighter color, copper for a redder one.  The gold is poured into a mold, creating small rectangular bars.
Rolling Gold
Rolling:Each gold bar is repeatedly fed into a set of slowly turning rollers.  The gap between the rollers is reduced slightly with each pass, slowly flattening the bar into a thin gold strip, and eventually in to a very long, thin, gold ribbon.
Cutting Gold
Cutting and Weighing: The gold ribbon is cut into small squares and weighed on a gram scale to verify its weight.  This ensures that the leaf will be the correct size and weight.
Gold Pieces
Beating Preparation:Approximately 500 of the small gold pieces are individually sandwiched between layers of black paper, building a stack of alternating black paper and gold.  Importantly, each piece is placed directly above the previous piece so that the gold spreads evenly during the beating process.
Gold Beating
Beating: The multi-layered black paper and gold sandwich is taken to the first beating machine, where skilled technicians hammer it until the gold becomes much thinner and dramatically expands in size.  Next, the pieces are transferred to new layers of black paper for additional beatings.  This process is repeated five times, until every layer of gold is rendered into a high quality leaf.  The gold is then carefully moved from the black paper to white paper for the cutting process.
Raw Gold Leaf
Quality Control: Our on-site agent inspects samples from every batch after each beating.  Because of the unique processes, defects are rare.
Gold Packaging
Cutting and Packaging: Each gold leaf is gently moved from the white paper to a soft suede pillow, then carefully cut and placed between the tissue paper sheets of a book.  Each book contains 25 pieces of some of the finest quality gold leaf in the world.