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Transfer Vs.  Loose Leaf

Gold leaf sheets are always secured inside a book to protect them and keep them from touching each other.  The book is made of a specialty tissue paper that holds the gold leaf in place but will release it easily.  Books of 25 leaves each, are sealed in an envelope.


A box of 20 books is called a 'pack', which contains 500 leaves.  10 books (250 leaves) is called a half-pack.

Transfer Vs.  Loose Leaf

Leaf is available in two types, loose leaf, and transfer leaf.  More information about the differences can be found here.  Transfer leaf can be identified by the transfer paper sticking out from the edge of the book.


In the picture to the left, the top book contains transfer leaves, the lower book contains loose leaves.

Transfer Vs.  Loose Leaf

Genuine 23k Double Roll Gold is available lengths of 67 feet, in widths from 1/4" up to 3" wide.


Our imitation gold, imitation silver and copper rolls are 164 feet long, and available in widths from 1/2" up to 6" wide.


The image to the left shows several roll widths, from a 6" wide imitation gold leaf roll on the left, to a 1/4" wide genuine gold leaf roll in the center.