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23k Double Roll Gold

23k Gold Leaf

23 Karat Double Roll Gold is made from genuine 23k double gold loose leaf, placed on a tightly wound roll of transfer paper. 

The rolls are 67 feet (20.4 meters) long, and available in a variety of widths from 1/4” up to 3" wide.  Roll gold can save a great deal of time by allowing you to unroll the gold on to the prepared surface, rather than placing a series of individual leaves.  It is ideal for gilding long stripes, large surfaces, and architectural installations.

“Double” is an industry term indicating that the gold is about 20% thicker than regular leaf.  Double gold has better coverage and increased durability when compared to standard leaf.

Composition: 95.8% Au, 3.5% Ag, 0.7% Cu


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Please contact us by phone at 888‑853‑3672 for special pricing on more than 10 master rolls (3" wide x 67' long, each), or for information about custom rolls.  Rolls can be cut to custom widths.

23k Double Roll* 67 feet in each roll.  Please contact us for custom widths up to 3".

* Double gold leaf is about 20% thicker than regular gold leaf.