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Genuine Copper Rolls

Copper Leaf Roll

Copper Rolls are made from copper leaf, placed on a tightly wound roll of transfer paper.

The rolls are 164 feet (50m) long, and available in a variety of widths from 1/2” up to 6" wide.


Rolls of copper can save a great deal of time by allowing you to unroll the copper leaf on to the prepared surface, rather than placing a series of individual leaves.  It is ideal for gilding long stripes, or large surfaces, especially when gilding walls or ceilings.

To maintain its color, copper leaf must be sealed after being applied, or it will slowly tarnish.  Copper leaf can also be intentionally tarnished using common household chemicals, which can change its color to give it an aged appearance.


Copper Leaf is also available in loose and transfer leaf.


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Please contact us by phone at 888‑853‑3672 for special pricing on more than 20 master rolls, which are 6" wide x 164' (50m) long, each.