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Abalone Shell Veneer Sheets


These items are being discontinued.

Shell veneer sheets are made from the thinly sliced shells of abalone, agoya and awabi.  They are used to add color and accents to glass gilding, carpentry, art and crafts projects, custom jewelry, fishing rods and lures, and many other creative projects.  Shell veneers are beautiful when inlaid in to furniture, musical instruments, or any surface.  Viewing from different angles will result in color shifts and variations.

Every sheet has different colors and patterns, so no two sheets are the same.  When manufactured, the objective is to keep the coloring and patterns as close as possible throughout the sheet.  Painting a color on one side of the sheet can change the appearance of the veneer by creating more vibrant colors and tones.  Veneer sheets can be cut by scribing it with an exacto knife.  Soaking a veneer sheet in hot water will make it pliable so that it can be bent or formed around objects.

Sheets are packaged individually and supported with cardboard.  There is no adhesive backing.