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23k Genuine Gold Leaf

23k Gold Leaf

Our 23 karat gold leaf is 95.8% real gold with a touch of silver and copper, which gives it a slightly lighter color compared to 24k and 23.75k. 

Frequently used on gilding projects which require a high gold content, 23k is commonly seen on gilding picture frames, outdoor signs, and artwork.


The leaves are 3-1/8” square, available in both loose and transfer/patent leaf, and are packaged in books of 25 leaves each, or packs of 500 leaves.  Booklets of 5 leaves are also available.  Composition: 95.8% Au, 3.5% Ag, 0.7% Cu


Material Coverage | Loose vs.  Transfer vs.  Rolls | Packaging


For orders of more than 2000 leaves (4 packs), please contact us by phone at 888‑853‑3672 for special pricing.

Loose Leaf   (Scroll down for transfer)

Transfer Leaf

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