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Gum Ammoniac Liquid for Illumination


Gum Ammoniac Liquid

Gum Ammoniac Liquid is a unique specialty size for flat gilding that is used for illuminating manuscripts. Gum ammoniac is made with nodules from the Dorema ammoniacum plant and its use in gilding dates back to the Moors in the 12th century.

This is the only gum ammoniac size for illumination on the market that is ready to be used. It works well with a brush, dip pen or ruling pen.

Drying time averages about two hours depending on how much Gum Ammoniac is applied, temperature and humidity. Additional layers will greatly increase the height of the raised gold. Additional layers can be added after 15-30 minutes, but before the previous layer dries.

For additional information and instructions, please click here. Made in USA.

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