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Kölner Ceramic Information & Instructions


Kolner Ceramic


Kolner Ceramic Size is a unique high gloss gilding size that allows you to repair gilded areas of chipped or cracked porcelain, ceramics or china. It is applied as a liquid or gel, and works best with transfer leaf.



The surface should be clean, free of any dirt, dust or residue, and completely dry. Apply the Ceramic Size with a synthetic hair brush. Allow it to set for at least 4 hours.

Chips in china can be filled directly with KT 5 or KT 5hv. More porous ceramics surfaces require a sealant made of KT 5 and a small amount of water to smooth in and cover the porous areas. The use of KT 5hv Gel reduces the number of layers needed to fill the defect. Drying time depends on thickness of application. Make sure that all layers are absolutely dry before gilding!


KT 5 and KT 5hv are a water based non-burnishable size for transfer/patent gold.
 KT 5 Liquid is applied with a brush. KT 5 hv Gel should be applied with a small spatula or surface knife. The metal shine is mirror like after polishing with a Kolner Tissue.



Lay the leaf on the Ceramic Size and gently apply pressure to the transfer tissue paper, pushing the gold down into the size. It is important to push the gold leaf down into the Ceramic Size. After removing the tissue paper, it can be used to again push down lightly to ensure that the gold is properly adhered. A Kolner Tissue can be used to polish the gold by gently rubbing in one direction, which will enhance the brightness of the gold. If loose leaf is used, it is best to lay the leaf onto the surface and then place old transfer paper over the gold leaf and apply pressure to push the gold into the Ceramic Size.


KT 5 / KT 5hv can be intermixed and thinned with water. Dry film may be removed with ammonia and water.


Gilded surfaces are grip and water resistant, but alkaline cleaners or hot water which can cause damage to the gilded area. A top sealant (e.g. acrylic-water-based like Sealer 123-A-) will improve scratch resistance.


Brushes and tools can be cleaned with soap and water.



Avoid frost, heat and sunlight.


KT-5 contents Butylcarbitol. Make sure sufficient ventilation while working with this product.

Ceramic is not hazardous, but can cause skin or eye irritation. Protective clothing is recommended, and it should be kept away from food and drink.

A complete safety data sheet from Kölner Products can be viewed here.


The conditions, methods of handling and use of this product are beyond our control and may be beyond our knowledge.  For this reason, we do not assume responsibility and expressly disclaim liability for loss, damage or expenses arising out of or in any way connected to the handling, storage, use or disposal of this product.