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Slow Size


Gold Leaf Slow Set Size

Slow Size is an oil-base adhesive / glue that takes about 10-12 hours to reach proper tack (or set), depending on temperature and humidity.

Once tack is reached, there is a 10-12 hour period where gold, silver, or other metallic leaf, can be gilded.


IMPORTANT: Always apply the size thin thin thin.  Some gilders apply it and then immediately use a foam roller to remove most of what was just applied.  You want it thin.


For additional information, please click here.   For coverage information, please click here.


For a shorter application window, consider using our Quick Size, for a one hour tack (or set) time, and one hour application time. You can also mix half slow size and half fast size for a 3 hour tack (or set) time and 3 hour application time.


Slow Size is flammable and must be shipped by ground services.


Made in the USA.

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