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Basic Gilders Cushion with Wind Shield


Basic Handheld Gilders Pad with Wind Shield

The Basic Handheld Gilders Cushion, also called a Gilders Pad, is made with a high quality suede that will not tear or damage your gold or other metal leaf.

Loose leaf gold is placed on the gilders cushion, where it can be gently cut with a gilder’s knife, then moved to the gilding surface using a gilders tip or brush. The pad comes with a thumb strap on the back allowing you to easily control the pad with one hand, while cutting the gold leaf with the other. The wind shield helps prevent air currents from disturbing the gold leaf while it is being handled or cut. The pad is 6” x 9”.


These are usually black, but we currenlty have a few of them in dark brown, light gray, and speckled light brown.