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Gilder's Kaolin Powder


Gilders Kaolin Powder

Gilder's Kaolin Powder is used as a "resistant" when gilding. It resists gold leaf sticking to it, and is applied to areas where gold leaf is not wanted.

Gilder's Kaolin Powder can be used on almost any substrate.   When used on wood, glass, plastic or metal, it will restrict gold from sticking to the base material. Because the powder is so fine, you can easily see any screening, drawing or outlines on the area being gilded.

Kaolin Powder is an inert material that will not contaminate gold size or restrict its adhesive ability. Kaolin Powder is an extremely fine hydrous white clay, milled and processed to produce an average particle size of 0.5 microns.

Net weight 1oz (4oz container). Soft applicator pad included.

For additional information and instructions, please click here. Made in the USA.

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