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Acrylic Topcoat Clear Satin


Gold Leaf Acrylic Topcoat

When properly applied, Acrylic Topcoat will prevent tarnishing and oxidation of leaf with a low gold content, such as 18k, 12k, silver, imitation and variegated leaf. 

It will also protect the gilded surface from gentle handling, but not from abuse.  It is not appropriate for protecting leaf that may be subjected to heavy use, such as table tops, cabinet doors etc.  Acrylic Topcoat has excellent water, ultra-violet and chemical resistance.  It can also be used as a wood finish/sealer and concrete sealer.  Acrylic Topcoat is compatible with our Primer Sealer and both oil and Water Based sizes.

Acrylic Topcoat is flammable and must be shipped by ground services.


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Made in the USA.