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Kölner Miniatum Ink


Gold Leaf Water Base Size

Kölner Miniatum Ink size is used for gilding gold leaf on paper, giving a shiny raised surface. Miniatum Ink has permanent adhesion on an elastic film and will not break or flake on paper with normal handling, but should be tested with other materials.


Usage Overview

Miniatum Ink is used undiluted at a room temperature between 60 °F and 72 °F. It is applied with calligraphy pen, writing quill, or other ink-based writing instruments. The Miniatum Ink is 'written' on to the paper surface, just as regular ink would be.


Once applied, the ink should set in about 30 minutes, after which there are about three hours were the leaf can be applied to it.


Gold or silver transfer leaf can be gently pushed on to the Miniatum Ink. Once the ink is completely dry, it can be very gently polished with a Kölner Tissue.


In general, a single ink application is sufficient. With strongly absorbent papers, a second or third application of ink may be necessary. For larger areas, regular Miniatum may be a better option.


When done, all writing tools should be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned with water.




Miniatum is not hazardous, but can cause skin or eye irritation. Protective clothing is recommended, and it should be kept away from food and drink.

A complete safety data sheet from Kölner Products can be viewed here.


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