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Kölner Large Table Gilders Cushion


Kölner Large Table Gilders  Cushion

The professional extra large gilders cushion, also known as a gilders pad, is ideal for cutting gold or other metal leaf. It can also be easily used to stage up to 6 gold leaves for use with a Thorn Tip. Especially useful when working with larger imitation leaf.

Loose leaf gold is placed on the gilders cushion, where it can be gently cut with a gilder’s knife, then moved to the gilding surface using a gilders tip. The pad has no wind shield, and has no straps on the back, so it will lay flat on a table, and give you complete access to the leaf. The suede is of the highest quality and will not scratch or damage your gold leaf. Ideal for indoor gilding.

Size is approximately 9.8” x 11.8". Made in Germany

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