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Cat’s Tongue Brushes


Cat Tongue Brushes

Synthetic Cat’s Tongue brushes have an unusual shape with a wide base, tapered to a small tip. This makes them very versitile for detail work and unique painting effects.

The bristles are golden Toray hair bound in stainless steel ferrules. The lengths of the hairs have been tuned to a triangular point, which is great for fine detail work. The sides of the bristles can be used for applying paint or size to larger areas. The synthetic hairs work well with all types of adhesives.


The brushes should be cleaned after each use, using a solvent appropriate for the adhesive or paint that was used.

Size Hair Length Total Length
2 1/2" 6-1/2"
6 3/8" 7"
12 3/4" 8"
18 1" 8-3/4"
20 1" 9"
22 1-1/4" 9"
24 1-3/8" 9-1/2"

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