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Kölner Permacoll Patina


Kolner Patina

Kolner Patina is a brown colored water-based solution that is used on real gold or silver leaf, copper leaf and imitation gold or silver leaf to give an aged or antique look. Permacoll Patina after applied also acts as a sealer and will protect low karat gold leaf, silver, copper and imitation gold and silver leaf from oxidation. No additional sealer or varnish is required. Kolner Patina is Available in 100ml containers.


Surface Preparation
After gilding and prior to the patina being applied, the gilded surface must be cleaned thoroughly of any dust or grease or contaminates.


Application of Permacoll Patina
Synthetic fiber brushes work best for applying Patina. A lint free cloth can also be used to wipe it on. After it has been applied, the excess is wiped way with a soft cloth. Once dried it will give the appearance of being aged. Additional coats can be applied to areas on the project to give the appearance of additional aging.

Clean up brushes and tools with warm soap and water.
Do not return unused solutions to their container, discard.



Keep out of reach of children.
The Permacoll Patina Brown is not toxic. However it may cause skin or eye irritation, and should be kept away from food and drink.
A complete safety data sheet from Kölner Products can be viewed here.

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